Ilana and Netiva walk the Inka trail

to Machu-Pcchu, Peru, Aug. 2006

In the admiral club at OHare

Relaxed but excited

1st class:)

wow...from above


Israeli restaurant


Ilana's favorite sculpture

Do you have a smaller papaya?

bargaining for another penny under 1$

Pisac market

llamas in the Sacred Valley

back to Cusco

Plaza from our restaurant's balcony

traditional dress

Our 1st lunch before starting the trail

Walking along the Urubamba river

Our 1st camp site

Our porters getting ready to leave for our 2nd day

Ilana with the guys

Netiva on the 2nd hardest day of the trail

Porters walk faster

Our waiter's setting up the silverware

Long line of walkers

Is Ilana hitching for a ride?

We made it to the highest point (4200 m above see level)

This was a climb of 1300 m up

then going down

Ilana brushing her teeth on the 3rd morning

Our happy crew

Their kitchen

Mata de Coca good for high altitude

Sylvia our guide and matheus our cook

Another mountain pass

The rain makes it all so slippery

Netiva and Sylvia

Black lake


lagoons area

Pretty rock

Sayaqmarka, another archeological site

We are too tired to climb up

Nice flowers

and springs

under bridges

Inca trail
Ilana resting her legs for 1 minute

but waiter calls to lunch

Inka's tunnel

Not too scary:)

3rd day was the hardest for us: 10 hours of walking, 1000 m drop down

Saying thanks to our crew on their last night with us

Small orchids on the trail

and big ones

Machu-Picchu is just below the clowds

We are tired, hungry, and proud at Mother earth stone


We made it!

Netiva with the nice profile of the Forever young mountain behind her

Ilana stands over machu-Picchu

A bird in the crack of a real old Inca stone
Burial room at Machu-Picchu
New stones over old ones

Going through the site until Ilana's memory disk is full

nice Inca's stones below new ones

A llama mowing the lawn at machu-Picchu. What a sight! What a trip!